Hey, I have two cameras,t


I have two cameras,that I will be using to shoot this short drama sketch (1)canxl1 and (2)panasonic dvc7. Dialog is invloved. I do not have a mixer or switch board but would like to have everything in sync during editing. How can I achieve a smooth run between talents and their dialog, their reactions and so on. I would also like to use one camera on one talent. My problem is what do I do or use to make sure that the audio from one camera is not recorded on the other. Do I have to have each talent speak their line, wait for one camera to record, then turn to the other talent and record their line. Please I need your advise. If there are cheaper switch boards, please let me know if I will need a recorder too to record the shoot. What mics will be good for the shoot and where I can get those. In short how can I put this together and come out a finished product and everything perfect.

Thank you for all your suggestions.

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