Hey I appreciate everythi


Hey I appreciate everything y’all have mentioned so far, y’all wanted some more information, well the council chambers is a 32ft by 40ft, with 10 feet ceilings. There are 6 council members that sit at a 16 foot dies.

As far as budget, 500-1000, if you know about cities, the less the better. Like I said we dont need anything to fancy, what we want to do is record the meetings, then post them up on our website.

We do have a Yamaha MG10/2 Mixing Console that we used to record just audio with, not sure it will work for what we are trying to do?

The Mics I had in mind is a VEC CM-1000 omni-directional conference mic for the dies. 2 Shure microflex overhead mx202 B/C microphone to go over the podium and audience. And I currently have no Ideas for the Camcorder.

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