Hey Horsepoet! You mean So


Hey Horsepoet! You mean Sony Vegas Pro?

I LOVE Vegas because it is easier for me to understand, being an audio guy. I love that you can see the audio waveforms automatically, there is only one view screen(unlike Avid and Final Cut Pro), no importing to a project window(After Effects and Premiere?)or browser(Final Cut Pro)and no special modes to doing normal stuff in the timeline like trimming(Avid). Some people dislike Vegas because it is so different from other video editors, but that’s one thing I like about it. Very different. It’s whatI started with if you don’t count Windows Movie Maker.

To finish up with, I don’t see a reason why you’d pick Vegas or Premiere instead of the other. They seem about the same level, though Premiere seems to be more popular. Sit down and mess with Premiere. Premiere seems to be more like the other editors out there. Vegas is different. I just REALLY like Vegas and never tried Premiere.

But I’m going to change that now. Thanks everyone! Very helpful.

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