Hey guys, Rob brought up a


Hey guys,

Rob brought up an excellent point about Raid 0. It’s the fastest, easiest and the most volatile of the methods of ‘RAIDING’. Long as the hardware parts of your raided drives hold up you should be fine. In the PC environment you should keep your RAID defragmented to lessen the potential for data corruption. Keeping an equal sized external ‘archival drive’ handy to back your raided drive up no matter what OS you use is prudent. Truthfully, when your project’s done you should dump the data to archival media to make room for the next. However, I do understand that may not always be an option. As for the ‘eventually fail’ thing, I’ve got a 300GB raid 0 on a system I built back in ’02 that’s still on our active roster. After seven years it’s still rollin’. However, we will do one final upgrade and replace those drives with new, larger drives.

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