Hey guys, Lavalier mics t


Hey guys,

Lavalier mics that terminate with a “TA” style connector (mini 3 pin XLR) do have adapters that allow them to be converted into an XLR connector for using the lavalier hard-wired into the XLR camera inputs. The converters, I know in the case of the TRAM, can be powered by button batteries (watch batts) or powered from the camera or field mixer by using 48 volt phantom power.

I believe you can even get a cable dongle to adapt a Sennheisser wireless lavalier(with 1/8 inch connector) to a TA-5(mini XLR 5 pin). This would offer you a very affordable way to connect your Senneheisser lavs to XLR for hard-wiring to camera inputs.

To be clear, you would need:

  1. the TA-5 to XLR adapter in the link above
  2. a home-made or ordered: female 1/8 inch connector(where your Senn mic plugs in) on one end AND a 5-pin “TA” female connector on the other (to plug into the above mentioned adapter).

Email me if your interested in a diagram of this. This is sort of thing I would just solder for myself if I were in your situation.

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