Hey Guys, I really appreci


Hey Guys,

I really appreciate your input and understand most of what you are advising.

Composite1; Although creating some kind of 3d motion within the photo’s elements themselves is not my initial requirement, it certainly is another possibility to look at. In my change from windows to Mac, I have also put on my list ‘Aperture’ (the mac photo editing program) and of course After Effects for Mac. I feel that the changeover needs to be a bit force fed and not hang on to my windows knowledge during the learning curve.

Final Cut Express4 although not up to Studio, has a lot of hidden strengths which are only realised when you see its 1000+ page on line manual – (yes it does layout with plenty of page ‘white space’ but readability is high!)

Having used Premiere CS3 and previous versions as far back as Premiere 4.2 (really old!!!) I’m aware of NLEs growths in power. However my style of editing has never really tapped into those extremes and as such Express will probably suffice.

EarlC; thanks also for your input and I’ll certainly have a look at the P2M which you suggested. I currently live in Vanuatu which is a western Pacific island nation where our internet ranks as interminably slow and we are also in the dark when you guys are enjoying the day…..I’m not complaining just excusing my slow response time on this forum and it’ll take all day to look up P2M.

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