Hey Guys,Here is an upda


Hey Guys,

Here is an update on the DVD of BROKEN. Here is just some of the 2 1/2 HOURS of DVD Special Features:

6 Commentary Tracks covering…

Visual Effects
Music Score/Sound Design
Cast and Crew
Film Geeks Unite



Concept Art / Location Comparison w/ Commentary
Costume Design Gallery w/ Commentary

Storyboards: The ENTIRE Collection for BROKEN ( 9 Edited Sequences )
Storyboards: Comparison with Final Shots

Rehearsals: “Comparison with Final Scene”
Rehearsals: “Marquez Kicks Ass” – Action Blocking
Rehearsals: “Evolution of an Action Sequence” w/ Commentary
Rehearsals: “A Director’s Best Friend” – Finding Your Shot



“Head go BOOM! – A look in how to make a Guacamole Gun w/ Commentary
“Mister Tony’s Neighborhood: A Technical Advisor’s Job” wth Tony Gomez
Special Effects Make-up Breakdown with Megan Graham
Anatomy of a Stunt: “Duncan Fall Down, Go BOOM!” w/ Commentary
Guns, Guns, Guns! – “How to Get Pro Looking Guns with Little or No $$$”

Being There: The On-Set Experience
15 Behind the Scene Vignettes on the set of BROKEN as we shot it !

Producing in Indie Film: with Jorge F. Rodriguez – 10 min


Post Production

How to Make DV look like Film! with Alex Ferrari
Color Correction Lab: The Overview w/ Commentary
Color Correction Comparison with FINAL FOOTAGE

Visual Effects Breakdowns
w/ Commentary from Sean Falcon & Dan Cregan

VFX Breakdown: “Marquez Explosion” w/ Commentary
VFX Breakdown: “Shaking Things Up” w/ Commentary
VFX Breakdown: “Muzzle Fire” w/ Commentary
VFX Breakdown: “Bonnie’s Eyes” w/ Commentary
VFX Breakdown: “Matte Painting/Sky Replacement” w/ Commentary
VFX Breakdown: “Knife Throw” w/ Commentary
VFX Breakdown: “Scoping Things Out” w/ Commentary
VFX Breakdown: “Digital Blood Hits” w/ Commentary
VFX Breakdown: “Digital Spark Hits” w/ Commentary

VFX Breakdown: The Title Sequence w/ Alex Ferrari & Dan Cregan

Visual Effects in Indie Film: with Sean Falcon – 20 min
Cinematography in Indie Film: with Angel Barroeta – 10 min
Sound Design/Composing in Indie Film: with Mark Roumelis – 8 min


After the Short

The Making of BROKEN: Interviews with Cast & Crew

Marketing: Poster Gallery
Marketing a Short Film
Alternate Ending w/ Commentary
Art of BROKEN: The Nick Moneco Experience

…and much more!


We should have it for sale on July 15, 2005 at http://www.whatisbroken.com

Thanks for all the support and we hope you like the DVD.


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