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BROKEN DVD UPDATE: Well the DVD is FINALLY Done!!!! It is Jammed pack with almost 3 hours of Special Features. We have hit our deadline date of July 15, 2005 but the DVD manufacture is telling us two to three weeks before we can have the DVD done and in our hands. So we are hoping to have the DVD available by early August. We are truly sorry for the delay. We wanted the DVD to be of the highest quality and wanted to pack it with more cool stuff and just got carried away.

Here is the FINAL list of goodies:

BROKEN DVD has almost 3 HOURS of DVD Special Features:

6 Commentary Tracks covering…

Visual Effects
Music Score/Sound Design
Cast and Crew
Film Geeks Unite



Concept Art / Location Comparison
Costume Design Gallery w/ Commentary

Storyboards: The ENTIRE Collection for BROKEN ( 9 Edited Sequences )
Storyboards: Comparison with Final Shots

Rehearsal Comparison with Final Scene
Blocking Action in a Scene w/ Commentary
Evolution of an Action Sequence w/ Commentary
A Director’s Best Friend – Finding Your Shot



Head go BOOM: “The Guacamole Gun” w/ Commentary
Recipe: “How to Make a Guacamole Gun”
Mister Tony’s Neighborhood: “A Technical Advisor’s Job” with Tony Gomez

Special Effects Make-up Breakdown with Megan Graham
Anatomy of Scar
Anatomy of a Tatoo
Anatony of Burnt Eyes
Bonus: Brain Matter Recipe

Anatomy of a Stunt: w/ Commentary
Shotgun Blast
The Dive for Life

Guns, Guns, Guns: “How to Get Pro Looking Guns with Little or No $$$”
The Weapons
Getting Guns to Look Real
Where to Get Them

Tips on Producing an Indie Film: with Jorge F. Rodriguez
Reverse Budgeting
Insurance: Weapons and Stunt Work
Feeding Your Crew
Stunt Work
Production Design
Tips and Tricks
Go Make Your Movie

Being There: The On-Set Experience
12 Behind the Scene Vignettes on the set of BROKEN as we shot it !


Post Production

How to Make DV look like Film! with Alex Ferrari
Why Shoot MiniDV?
Filter Packages for Post
Production Design
Costumes & Color Palette
Color Correction
Shooting 24p: The Camera
Getting the Cameras

Color Correction Lab: The Overview w/ Commentary
Color Correction Comparison with FINAL FOOTAGE

Visual Effects Breakdowns
w/ Commentary from Sean Falcon & Dan Cregan

“Marquez Explosion” w/ Commentary
“Shaking Things Up” w/ Commentary
“Muzzle Fire” w/ Commentary
“Bonnie’s Eyes” w/ Commentary
“Matte Painting/Sky Replacement” w/ Commentary
“Knife Throw” w/ Commentary
“Scoping Things Out” w/ Commentary
“Digital Blood Hits” w/ Commentary
“Digital Spark Hits” w/ Commentary

VFX Breakdown: The Title Sequence w/ Alex Ferrari & Dan Cregan

Visual Effects in Indie Film: with Sean Falcon
Pre Production
MiniDV and Compositing
Why Shoot 24p?
1 Chip vs 3 Chip MiniDV Cameras
Practical and Digital Effects
Compositing Before or After Color Correction
MiniDV Blowup to Film
3D Animation in Indie Film
Gun Muzzle Blasts
Compositing: The Details
Digital Matte Painting
Shaking Things Up
Bullet POV
Blowing Up Someone’s Head
Where Do I Find Visual Effects Talent for my Film?
I Want to Composite Too…
Where Can I Get Training?
Apple’s SHAKE
Doing It Yourself

Cinematography in Indie Film: with Angel Barroeta
Planning BROKEN
Challenges on BROKEN
Tools: The Camera
Tools: The Lights
Tools: Moving the Camera
Shooting: Digital or Film?
Panasonic’s DVX100a
Some Advice

Sound Design/Composing in Indie Film: with Mark Roumelis
Original Music in Indie Film
Composing BROKEN
Doing It Yourself
Recording Sound for 24p on DAT: The Sync Issue
Doing Audio Tests


After the Short

The Making of BROKEN
The Origin of BROKEN
First Impressions
Actors: The Rehearsal Process
On-Set Experience
War Stories
The Future: A Feature Film

Marketing: Promoting a Short Film
Promotion: 50% of the Creative Process
Film Festivals and Sundance
The Internet: Even Playing Field
The Trailer

Marketing: Poster Gallery
Alternate Ending w/ Commentary
Art of BROKEN: The Nick Monaco Experience
The BROKEN Shoot: Gag Reel!


MASTERED in Dolby Stereo & Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound

Thanks for you patience guys. Also, we will be putting up a trailer with previews of the DVD soon. Check: http://www.whatisbroken.com/dvd.html for more info.

Thanks again for the support & good luck on ALL your projects. ; )


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