Hey guys this great stuff


Hey guys this great stuff getting all this feed back.
I had the same problem with burn speed too. Slowed down to 2 times – even had a couple @ 1 times – a real bummer.

The best way I can relate burn speeds to people is to relate it to a car.
The car can go at 180 Kilometre an hour – ooopps most of you are not metric – lets’s say 100 miles and hour (disc speed) You the driver (program) can take in only so much information as you travel at that speed. You miss the pretty young blonde waving to you from the side of the road (data), but you still see the police car catching up to you. You slow down, you can see everything with greater clarity you see another pretty blonde and the police car passes you by cause your running at the right spped.

Oh and by the way – even though the vast majority of people out there are using DVD’s for video production, they were primarialy developed for data (yes, I know video is data too, but it was program type data, and the speeds relate to data writing not video writing speeds

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