Hey Guys, Just wanted to


Hey Guys,

Just wanted to update you on some stuff:

FESTIVAL: Film Festival UPDATE: B R O K E N is an "Official Selection" of the Palm Beach International Film Festival in West Palm Beach, FL.
Founded in 1996, The Palm Beach International Film Festival (PBIFF) was the brainchild of local business and civic leaders who felt a film festival would offer an exciting cultural venue for the community, be a tremendous fundraiser for film and TV education and would also provide an excellent opportunity to introduce filmmakers to the area’s resources. The PBIFF celebrates both the history and the future of the film industry with seven days of world premieres, special events, seminars, feature, short films and documentaries.

In 2003 PBIFF became a "Competitive" Festival; joining the ranks of other great film events such as: Sundance, Cannes, Toronto and Venice. The PBIFF has enjoyed a remarkable level a success to date. While competing with over 1500 similar events, PBIFF has created a special niche within the film industry and is listed as one of the top 25 film festivals in the world. Unlike many festivals around the country, the PBIFF has dedicated itself into making a difference in the lives of young people by helping to fulfill their dreams in the world of film. Proceeds generated each year go to the Palm Beach County Schools to provide new technologies for optimal learning in the form of grants and scholarships.

The Palm Beach Film Festival will be April 20-28, 2006. For more info goto: http://www.pbifilmfest.org

BTW, I am working on another short film….heheheheeeehhhehehe.
We are in development with BROKEN the feature but I’m getting the itch to shoot something new. I’ll keep you posted.

Official My Space Page – http://www.myspace.com/broken2006

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