Hey guys, just thought I’d


Hey guys, just thought I’d throw in my $0.02. I usually also have an entire wedding done in a few days. It didn’t start out that way. I’ve had to work up to where I have a system going. I usually do the same project over and over with different footage. When you find something that works, keep doing it!
Hank, your system sounds alot like mine. I also am doing some web design now as well (I’ve come to realize my site isn’t as good as it could be; too complicated and dark) so that goes in between weddings.
Most people are quite surprised to find that the video is ready when they are back from the honeymoon. However, I rarely sacrifice quality for speed (however, you have to draw the line somewhere). I would like to soon be recognized as the absolute best videographer in town (I think I have the "being the best" thing down, it’s the being recognized fot it that I’m hoping for.

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