Hey guys, here are some of my


Hey guys, here are some of my videos that I have created. I've been recently making video making just a hobby of mine and been kind of teaching myself about filming and editing. I realized I wanted to do this stuff at the end of my freshman year in college when switching my major from Marketing to Telecommunications. So with that said, I have been practicing on my Mac through iMovie and just making random videos. Please take the time to look at them and please comment what you think I should work on. I want to start my own thing soon by starting small and making making videos for people(graduation videos, promo videos, sports highlight videos, company commercials, etc.). I think I am off to a good start for someone just teaching themselves on their how to edit and film, but I can definitely use some help from you guys, so please comment whatever you think I need to work on!


Thank you! 

http://vimeo.com/95738620 Youngstown Sneakerboys: Chicago Edition

http://vimeo.com/101235128 Youngstown: Moving Forward

http://vimeo.com/97115757 Festival on Phelps

http://vimeo.com/96844773 #LiveYoungstown Contest 

http://vimeo.com/95359348 Ytown to Midtown

http://vimeo.com/71222589 Poland Seminary How Ya Like Me 

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