Hey glass, The Elura is a


Hey glass,

The Elura is a good camera for a consumer 1CCD model, but it might pose some challenges to chromakeying. Still, I think you can pull it off. Here are a few ideas.

-Record directly onto your computer. If you record onto a MiniDV tape first, and then transfer it onto the PC, depending on the processor in the camcorder (I’m not totally familiar with the Elura) you might get a lot more color compression than if you directly recorded onto your PC. Plus, it saves you the time of dubbing it onto your computer later!

-Get a good white balance. If I recall correctly, the Elura 100 lets you do a custom white balance. Do this. If you leave it on auto WB, your camera might try to compensate for the over-abundance of green and wash out your color.

-Slightly oversaturate colors on your footage. 1CCD cameras are notorious for having less than vibrant colors, and by saturating your colors a bit more, you’ll get more color separation from the green to the rest of you.

-Don’t wear anything even remotely green! On a 3 CCD camera, the camcorder can differentiate shades of green, and you can get away with hues with some green. A 1CCD camera like yours is recording Red, Green, and Blue on one chip, giving you the illusion of other colors. Anything even remotely green may trigger when you key out the green, and the last thing you want is to be splotchy. In fact, I’d almost try to stick to colors that aras far away from green as possible (Reds, purples, some blues).

Last but not least, get as farr away from your background as possible. Any shadows or uneven lighting on your screen will show up in post. Stay far enough away so you can’t see any shadows on the screen, and if you can shallow up your depth of field enough to slightly blur the greenscreen, it will help even out the back for keying later.

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