Hey Gerik, Current issue o


Hey Gerik,

Current issue of MacWorld says the HF10 “shoots stellar high def, works smoothly with Mac computers, and includes microphone jack and accessory shoe.” Says the cons are: “clumsy to handle, still image colors not that great, and battery life leaves something to be desired.” Estimated price is $800. It has a 16GB & SD card slot. HOWEVER, it produces AVCHD and I’m not so sure that is an acceptable tradeoff for someone wanting to shoot professionally in case he gets something GREAT.

MacWorld gives it a 3.5 mice rating which, I guess is OK.

My recommendation, based on a LOT of input received from a LOT of guys in the business on other venues and close acquaintences, is the Canon HV30. Shoots HDV, uses MiniDV tape and sells for about the same price. Guys I know are using it for a second or third backup, and/or HDV feeder unit to their editing systems.

Though more and more cameras are going to some sort of static memory device, I still think MiniDV is a better deal when going the low $ route, and considering the quality boost of HDV vs the compression given AVCHD.

I am going with these, although in SD we’ve been using Canon XL1 and GL2 cameras, and the HV30 will effectively be a “step backward” in one sense. But, with the proper accessories – BeachTek audio adapter, a portable bracing system, shotgun mic and LitePanels system, I think it is a possibility, especially considering the HDV acquisition.

The HV30 also got a four mice rating.

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