Hey, FILMSinc! Jerron ment


Hey, FILMSinc! Jerron mentioned me above. Here’s what I know:

To get a website for free, there arethree places I know of:

1. Angelfire.lycos.com is mainly geared toward teenagers who’d rather have a site than a Myspace. You get the option of using templates or typing in your own code. It’s free, but you only get a small storage space (20MB) and so video is out of the question. The other downside is you have Angelfire/Lycos and Google ads on the top and bottom of your pages. My personal website uses Angelfire. I have some PDF scripts, someaudio clipsand then link to my videos which are on vimeo.com. My angelfire website: http://mexenzoaiire.angelfire.com This site is one reason I still don’t get too many jobs.

2. 110MB.com is another freebie. There are no ads on the pages like Angelfire, but the servers are in Austrailia, they go down often and support is through online tickets which aren’t looked at often, as far as I could tell. I built a pro website using 110MB for my last job and the site went down for a couple hours at least once a week. The oneI built is at http://ddnc.110mb.com. 110MB also has the option of Dreamweaver-like design or typing in code.

3. Google Sites seems to be the best of the three, but I think you have to use templates and the sites look more like forums or blogs. I don’t really know a lot about it.

In terms of actually making the site once it’s set up, you also have three options.

1. Get/buy anFTP like Dreamweaver, or this free one I’ve downloaded called Nvu. I haven’t looked at Nvutoo much, or used it either.

2. Teach yourself code – HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. If your web server of choice doesn’t have a web building function, you can make HTML and CSS documents using Notepad on a Windows/PC.Very slick, just type the code in Notepad and save as .html or .css. I’ve used it and it works!

3. The last building option is to buy a template from some place and modify it to your needs.

TheBEST OPTION OF ALL,in my opinion, is use Yahoo Small Business. It costs you something, butyou get templates, good service, etc.

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