Hey Fayah, I want to help


Hey Fayah,

I want to help… but need more information. Do you want an HD streaming web video, an SD streaming web video, HD DVD, Blu-ray, or Standard DVD? I could probably help more if I new you delivery format and/or your intentions for this video.

While I’m waiting for your answer, you may want to just import the photos into premire using a standard DV project and make the video there. Make sure you right click the photo on the timeline and click "scale to frame size" AVI is typically 720×480, so if you import photos that are 1280×768 they will be resized, but the video should still be of high quality.

If you want HD (1280×720) you will have to use the HDV project setting. The best HD formats for web will be HD-WMV or a quicktime file using the H.264 codec. I doubt you want an HD DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Like I said, if you can give me a little mor information I could probably help you out more. I just don’t want to type a bunch of stuff that doesn’t apply.

Best Regards

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