Hey, EarlC: Not exactly su


Hey, EarlC:

Not exactly sure why my post would be questionable… I am a member of the VideoMaker site, and clicked on the forum link from the email list that I subscribe to.

I checked out the site, and was impressesed with their product. I usually purchase music through Footage Firm, but after previewing the music on their site I decided to order. After my transaction was completed, I had a question about how to download the files. The chat rep was very helpful and answered all my questions, though I did not plan to download the files until I got home from work.

Around 8:00 PM last night, I got around to attempting the download. I needed some additional guidance, and once again the chat rep walked me through the process. These days, when I see a good product and get good service, I like to spread the word.

I mostly use this type of music for my Animoto slideshows, and personal videos of the grandkidsand holiday functions. I really like the 15, 30, 60 and full versions of the music in MP3 and WAV format, which is similar to the items I have purchased from Footage Firm.

I am not actually endorsing either Footage Firm or JewelBeat, but I have had good experiences with both of them. However, I do soundly endorse Videomaker with its seemingly endless wealth of resources available to users.


Paul F.

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