Hey, Dusiegirl! If you onl


Hey, Dusiegirl!

If you only want graphics, multi layer audio and video, cuts and dissolves, than you could go get a copy of Adobe Photoshop 6(really old and kinda hard to use!) and Avid Free DV(hard to use, hard to find, free). The point I’m making is, like we mentioned above, this is all up to you, your budget, your preferences, your knowledge, your willingness to learn, etc.

If you don’t have the money or time to learn for top notch stuff, don’tsweat it. My 7th short film is being made on freeware and free trials of software. I want to see how cool I can make it …for nothin’!

You mentioned what you can make do with: You can make do with anything! If you need more audio tracks in windows movie maker, get Sony ACID Xpress and do your audio, render as one track and slide in to movie maker. I’ve done it. Big pain, but if I can do it, anyone can.

You can do your own fake stunts in front of the camera, do the credits by writing it on paper with sharpies and shoot down the paper and edit it all in-camera(I’ve done all three of those at different times).

People seem to think that movie making is like detonating a bomb like you have to have “the tools”, but that’s not true. I’ve been to college and read a lot and have never heard of any “the tools” that you MUST get to be a movie maker.

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