Hey dell


Hey dell

Yep it’s that damn irresistible Red Pill….. Great advice and thanks for sharing your struggles while trying to shoot your feature. Your advice is probably exactly what I would say to someone who was 22 just out of college and about to spend more of their parents’ money.  For me the situation is a bit different I am a couple decades past 22, am fully prepared to accept no ROI, and really I am doing this mostly because I know as time ticks down its either do it now or never do it, so if I spend 50k of my own money and have nothing to show for it but footage nobody ever sees and the experience of having tried I’d consider that a win.

I do have some experience with commercials, have a well experienced AD helping out (old friend), a friend in distribution helping out as I craft the project, and a couple other people with significant experience lending a hand throughout production (really the only person whose the wrong side of the clueless line is well me) Our 3 main actors are all professional working actors which should make things go smoother (in theory). I am lucky to have a good team around me.

Part of “the dream” for me is to actually shoot it and edit it myself, thus my camera question. I was hoping there was a way to get the right look without driving up to Red and dropping 30k and taking those savings to bring on other crew (like you mentioned lighting, and as a couple people also mentioned sound).  Don’t ask why but for some reason holding the camera has always been part of the dream.  I’ve talked to my AD friend about it but he works on really big budget movies, so the names he throws out are budget breakers for me.  As far as editing goes my thought was to edit it myself as much as I can and then have someone clean it up and put the polishing touches on for me.

I am with you on craft service! Actually that and legal were the first two parts I lined up (just because it was easy since I already use both in another business venture).

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it and admire the hell out of you for trying to shoot your first feature because at least you tried!  I figure at the end of the day if I have nothing to show for my 50k but the experience of trying then hell, that will not be the dumbest way I ever spent 50 grand. But then again you did know I was going to proceed down the rabbit whole anyways. 🙂 

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