Hey, Dan, I’ve done some t


Hey, Dan,

I’ve done some theatre stage video synced to a recorded track, so I have an IDEA as to what direction you might want to go.

Do you only have one shot at this– or can you shoot on multiple days after reviewing your footage? When I shoot a wedding (one-shot event) I put as many cameras as I can on tripods to get angles that I won’t be able to get during a ceremony (don’t want to disrupt the audience’s view). The footage from those cameras may only be used for one 10 second clip. If you only have one shot at this and are using two cameras, I suggest no tripod– everything hand-held. Figure out through the lyrics or, ideally,based upon previous run-thrus of the bands performance shots you want to be sure to catch (drummer on a fill, special guitar lick, vocalist screaming, etc.)

Audio: make sure the audio is in the same format: when you try to synch 48/24 audio from the camera to 44/16 audio from a CD, you will have synch problems and will have to nudge the video every 10 seconds or so to get the synch matched up again. If you can adjust the audio settings in your camera to match the audio, great, if not– convert the audio before you start shooting and be sure to use that version.

Lights: looks like they have regular theatrical lights (frenels?) pointed at each of the performers from opposite sides of the space. I imagine there was additional light on the lead singer and possibly the drummer to lessen facial shadows.

Shooting: once the song starts, don’t turn off your camera– even if you need to move from one side of the stage to the other. This will keep you from having to synch 30 clips to the audio (I use Pluraleyes from Singular Software)

This should get you started. Feel free to reply.

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