Hey composite1I agree 100%


Hey composite1I agree 100% with what you are saying but I thought that while people are always asking this question in all kinds of fourms they should see what the big guys are saying. Basically that is the way most people see things they want to be like the pros, so if the pros are saying FCP is that way to go everyone jumps on that train for the most part not all though. Besides I cut my teeth on Vegas and I will continue to use Vegas thats me. I can do everthing in Vegas that a person can do in FCP and Adobe. Trust me I know this as I also have CS3 on my computer as well but all i really use from that is AE. Take a look at this training video that Dr. Eric Franks does on D-Juice with vegas and listen to what he says about Vegas

A Ray of Light with Motion Designer’s Toolkit in Sony Vegas Its all about prefrence even the big guys had thier loyalties

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