Hey Comp. What size do you


Hey Comp.

What size do you think is ideal for a nano?

Steve Kaeser sells a six light Cool Flo for $179.00. It is not dimmable, and it is only 32″ x 32″.


Then to get egg crate, you have to modify some Photoflex egg crate, to cut it down to 32″ x 32″, and then swe in the velcro.


I found the place that makes the egg crate, and they are making me a custom bid for a 32″ x 32″, but I have not heard back from them yet.


If I could get the whole thing for $250.00 and be done with it, would 32″x32″ be a good size? Or would a 36″x 48″ nano be better?

The Steve Kaeser modelwould not be dimmable per se, but it wouldbe adjustable, because you have three bank switches in the back,and you can either switch banks on or off, and/or you can also unscrew a bulb, and even swap bulb sizes. Plus it would be collapsible, in case you ever wanted to take it somewhere.

May I please ask your opinion?

Thank you,


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