Hey Chuck, I believe your


Hey Chuck,

I believe your friend’s camera only records to tape, so I don’t know how he will down convert to SD in the camera without initially recording HD. Unless he means he will down-convert during ingest.

Your friend will not need a RAID. So I’d suggest purchasing a Kona LHi (because it has digital and analog connections), an HDV deck, and something to monitor the video. Simply connecting an HDTV to your graphics card doesn’t help because neither computer monitors nor graphics cards properly generate video signals accurately.

But like I said before, he should be able to send video from FCP to an HDV deck or camera then to a broadcast monitor or TV if he doesn’t wanna spend all that money for a Kona card or Blackmagic card. The capture card is ideal, but DV, HDV, and DVCProHD can be outputted via firewire. So that’s a cost effective option.

Also, if he does get a Kona LHi, he will be able to capture his HDV footage as ProRes during ingest, which is a far better editing codec than HDV.

If your friend thinks he can swap processors later, then go for it. In my opinion, there are other issues to worry about rather than having the fastest processor available, but whatever…it’s his gear. I’ve never heard of anyone swapping out processors on a Mac, so if he ruins it, tough luck for him.

Let me know if you have anymore questions. Good luck.

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