Hey Chris, I also believe

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

Hey Chris, I also believe that I could do a much better job than other people and I demand that people working with me do an excellent job (but sometimes some people are just too lazy to do things right)

Now Marc, in some movies you will definitely going to need a crew of people that could work with the same energy that you work. I make an extremely evaluation when I pick people that could work in my crew and I test people with simple task to know if they are worthy enough to make a good job. Tasks like what they think about something, telling them to organize a group of people, giving them a task that makes them feel important. The last one is a good technique because people feel that they need to prove themselves worthy in front of other people and not just to the director. Of course as a director you are always the one in charge and don’t let people take your job. Also you must let your crew know the difference between working and having a good time. In order to direct properly you must have a strong personal authority so people could see you as the leader to follow. When directing you cannot be soft with people, you cannot be weak at all (because people will treat you like a weak helpless person), you cannot do what everyone wants, and you always follows what is written in the script. Don’t be afraid of being an authority figure and if you need to tell off a person just do it, and always be the director.

I have directed a few video productions and shows, and sometimes people don’t want to do anything so I begin to get rougher than usual and this way people react and work. The roughness does not last much and to counterpart this I take a few people of the group that I think are worthy and make them leaders. Making people leaders makes your job a lot easier and moves the production a lot faster. So in my experience, directing is having authority, a lot of knowledge dealing with people, being good with cameras, video editing, lighting, etc and being able to created leaders.

Hopes this helps


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