“Hey birdcat, WTF??? You d


“Hey birdcat, WTF??? You didn’t say a thing to help with Bruce’s dilemma. You sound like a politician. Lot’s of verbiage with no substance. If you have nothing meaningful to say, don’t say anything.
followed immediately by:
“Sorry I can’t help you Bruce. I have the same problem”
says a lot.
So, to quote the person I’d nominate for @#$%%$ of the month:
“If you have nothing meaningful to say, don’t say anything.
If you don’t know what to charge, I’d suggest you write a business plan. There are resources in your area that can assist. The best shooter does not always come out on top in the business world, but the guy with the best business plan usually does well.

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Videomaker’s 2020 holiday gift guide

When it comes to holiday gifting for people who are deeply involved in a niche or hobby, it's challenging to decide which ideas are worthwhile. If the hobby has become an actual gig that they invest in, it can be daunting. This is true with videographers as much as anything, but we're here to help. You might want to find a gift that is exactly what they need to round out their gear, or something a little more fun. Either way, we've got you covered.