Hey Birdcat….thanks for


Hey Birdcat….thanks for the reinforcement of the many attributes of that camcorder design, too easily taken for granted ! Not being where I should be in the vernacular department, what is the “batch mode” you describe ? …. a partially processed timeline ? And when you convert to M2T, do you retain the 16 x 9 A/R, (or 1.0 pixel ratio?) I’m not sure if M2T is an option in Encoder ….. will need to check. And for that conversion, does the timeline content then edit any easier than if you leave it in AVCHD (MTS) mode ?

Another issue I did not discuss is the slight nuisance of the SR-12 recording HD in 2-GB segments or clips. This is noticeable in long form video recordings, wherein a gap is produced after each 2-Gs of recording, disrupting desired continuity (without gaps). Coming to the rescue for this, I understand that an “MTS Merge” program is supposed to connect these clips and eliminate any discernible gap. Are you familiar with that ? I have yet to get that into motion, but something like that is going to be necessary if I am to combine SR-12 footage with a second camera, of some genre, and not miss a beat in sync.

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