Hey BarefootMedia, I was o


Hey BarefootMedia, I was only just now reading your comments with respect to PC and Mac and how amused I was. It reminded me of the time when I used to be a “film man” in the eighties and I resented the inroads that video was making. I used to feel video was inferior and always got into arguments in defence of film. Right now though, I am for PC but as I don’t know much about Mac I’ll keep away from arguments.

Thanks for yor advice. You seem to possess a lot of savvy. I will certainly check B & H. I would want a good quality adaptor but if it’s too expensive I might be better off buying a camera with more telephoto.Know of any?By the way, why doesn’t B & H advertise in Videomaker any more? I guess there was an explanation in Videomaker, but if there was,I missed it. It was through Videomaker that I got to know of B & H and anytime I’m in the Big Apple B & H is always on my itinerary.

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