Hey and thanks for the rep


Hey and thanks for the reply. I do mean capturing video to my hard drive. I am using my camcorders to capture video and I am concerned that I am wearing them out by doing so. I am looking for a better way to capture and am interested in a stand-alone unit like the Panasonic 2500. I have no intentions to ever record with it, just loading video onto the hard drive. The JVC unit is a dual mini-dv/VHS unit that has never worked right. I was wondering if I need to make the large investment of the 2500 or would a less expensive mini-dv camcorder work just as well? Any help is appreciated. Also, I have 2 canon GL-1’s and one GL-2. I am in the market for a new unit. Can you recommend something in the price range of the GL-2 that is better, like the panasonic or the Sony.
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