Hey all, Crafters has the


Hey all,

Crafters has the line of it. No wrinkes, creases or discolorations because when the light hits them they will create unwanted texture on your background. The features of said texture will all reflect light differently giving you multiple colors of green which you will have to correct for (and may not be able to.)

You also want to light the background evenly to avoid having lighter and darker areas which will be separate colors of green which will have to be corrected for. Your lights should all be the same color temp tungsten or daylight bulbs (3200k, 5000k) preferably all the same kind of bulbs. Be advised, when using inexpensive ‘improvised’ lighting (flourescents, flood, halogen) the same rules apply and keep in mind though they’ll work, they are not calibrated for film and video work and are either under or over the standard color temps of professional bulbs.

Lastly, get your subject far away from the background as possible. This will help separate the talent from the background and avoid ‘backshadow’ and green spill light falling back onto the subject. You can use key, fill and hair light as needed and if possible should be a color temp close to the scene you wish to recreate (i.e. outdoor scene = daylight bulbs.) The difference in the light color will add to the separation of the talent from the background. Fly-away hair or hair similar to the background color (you’d be surprised how blond highlights can be percieved as ‘green’ by a keyer) is a killer so keep a brush on hand and some light hair oil (you don’t want it to shine, just hold together) for your talent if needed. Also, keep some simple cornstarch powder and disposable soft makeup pads and or cottonballs (don’t use the synthetic ones) to lightly tone down shiny spots on skin or shiny apparel (like a hardhat or helmet.) This will help cut down on green spill reflecting off these surfaces and cornstarch is generally not an allergen and wipes/washes off with ease (unless you apply it with ‘silent film’ thickness!)

When storing or transporting your greenscreen, at best roll it up. If it is too long to fit in a vehicle rolled only, then after rolling fold it as few times as needed to make it fit. Also, keep a travel iron, a soft (non-color bleeding or linty) towel and a small board to use to knock out wrinkles and creases. Don’t forget to iron the material while hanging and put the hot iron on the backside of the background in case you get overzealous.

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