Nice video! I love the idea and it seems like a fun thing to take part in.

I guess my initial feedback would be to try and make it a little shorter – if you don’t know the people involved then it can be much harder to sit through a 30 min video. Make montages of the tasks rather than show everything.

I would also suggest rethinking some of the camera angles. In the beginning with the interviews, the shots are a little odd. Go for close-ups and plenty of editing so that your viewers can get straight to the fun part of the video. Don’t be afraid to take it off the tripod too for the opening and get right in there for a snappy and fast paced opener.

That said, a super wide shot may have helped you out in some of the games just so people can get a sense of everyone’s placement in the field/garden area.

That’s just a few initial thoughts, but I look forward to the next one! Thanks,


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