Here’s what your camera needs


Here’s what your camera needs: an input for an external microphone; an input for a headset; a recording file system that is compatible with your editing software. Virtually every camcorder manufacturer builds relatively low-cost cameras — i.e., $400 to $1000 — and, provided they meet these criteria, any one of them should prove adequate.

That said, there’s the question of what your training videos will be about. If you’re teaching snowboarding you might find a Go Pro to be the better choice, while if you’re teaching needle point techniques having a camera with good macro capabilities will be important.

Our company has shot dozens of training videos with Sony’s PD-150, an industry workhorse standard definition tape camera. For work in construction and industrial settings, where HD really isn’t important, we still find this camera with its low-light capabilities to be an excellent choice.

So the answer to your question is “it depends” — on what you’re shooting, whether HD is important, what software you’ll be editing with and the technical requirements of the company you’re selling your videos to.

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