Here’s what I have for my


Here’s what I have for my wedding biz:

FX1 – Main camera
HC3 – Backup camera. The options are few, but the quality is excellent. I don’t shoot close-ups with it and feel a bit cheap for not getting another prosumer cam, but I just don’t see a justifiable quality difference.
Audio Technica u100 wireless system w/ a lavalier mic for the officiant
Olympus recorder w/ lavalier for the groom

Here’s what I want:
Another HC3 for a third camera or an inexpensive HD cam
A Raynox telephoto lens for the HC3 to shoot from the back of the church
An ADS Pyro Hard Drive for my FX1
An inexpensive/huge shotgun mic with fur to capture ambient sound and to make my stage hc3 look big and bad :-//
A cheap external HD for my laptop
A loaded portable Apevia Compact desktop to do the heavy lifting that my laptop won’t do. I like the fact that it’s portable, and plan to put it under my HC3 tripod for digital recording. I can then put my laptop under the other HC3 and plug the Pyro into my FX1. With the wedding over I can plug in the external HD and Pyro into the Apevia for rendering.


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