Here’s Tiger Direct’s sale


Here’s Tiger Direct’s sales pitch:

>>Dear Valued Customer:
Thank you for your email,

We do understand your concern, according to our research the signal loss would depend on the material used in the HDMI cable, although the
recommended length is 30 ft, you will still be able to achieve good HDMI signals in cable 100 ft or longer. one example of which is the Ultra 500HI 10.2Gbps 100-Foot 1080p HDMI Male/Male HDTV Cable (Item Number: ULT40263)

Iguess if I don’t have money for the nanoFlash I could try a short cable and a long one. Get the rig to work on the short one. Then try the long one, and see if it works: but it probably will, or else why does a reputable company like Ultra sell them?


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