Here’s some ground rules f


Here’s some ground rules for copyright:

Anything commited to a medium (be it electronic, print, on a napkin, whatever) is copyrighted by its author, except if it’s a work for hire (as in the words I’m writing right now are not owned by me as I’m currently on the clock for my employer, who employs me in part to write on this forum. Not really, but kinda).

So, to determine who owns the copyright, you’ll have to determine if you were a work for hire or not. That’s not easy to do. Here’s a valuable link that describes what considerations have to be made:

It really boils down to who had most of the creative control of the project and/or who had the authority to boss the other around.

As Compusolver suggests, it’s best to lay the legal ground rules prior in a contract. It could be as simple as typing up a few words that states who the author and copyright holder of said project will be. Have it signed and off you go.

I’d think the best you could do now is try to find an agreement between the two parties: yourself and the chamber. Allow for both parties to benefit from the deal. Put that agreement in writing and sign it. The thing you’ll want to avoid is a disgruntled Chamber of Commerce. Something tells me that won’t be good for business.

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