here’s one that has both t


here’s one that has both top notch action, and some excellent lighting and camera work…jet li again, Romeo Must Die…

my idea of a fight is to try and finish it quickly…

I once had a guy come into a bar I worked at, he was beaten up pretty bady, said a bunch of guys were after him.

I told him to get behind the bar with the bartender who was already calling 911.

I grabbed a beer off the bar and sat down at the bar to blend as a bar patron, as three men came in, I wanted to be able to surprise them, if they went after the first guy…

they stopped in front of the bar and started calling the guy out…

the bartender told them “I got 911 on the phone, you guys leave now!”

the guy closest to the bar shouts back “Or what?”

I turn around holding the beer bottle at eye level to the guy, with my right hand…and tell him “or I’m gonna put this beer down”

I let go of the beer, hit him with my right, breaking his nose and knocking him down, and catch the beer with my right..

I look at the other two and say “get him out of here or i’ll put this beer down” they ran out

that is three guys faster than you can read one sentence.

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