Here’s my views on this su


Here’s my views on this subject.

Firstofall, most ofus on this forum aren’t professionalsandthus notmakinga professionalsallaryin video.Therefore, wedon’thave theincometo riskour lensesto be scratched, etc.Thus, when wearen’t using an NDor Polarizeror otherfilter, we place a UVfilter onourlenses.Ifindthis works well forme because it givesme extra pieceof mind about my lensand I’ve never noticedany image problems (As Isaidearlier, I’m not a professional).

I’ve gota question aboutthelens hood.Youmentioned that most professionalsusealens hoodtoprotect theirlens. All ofthe lens hoods that I’ve experiencedare opaqueandthus blockoutsome light- great for a sunnyday, but whathappensif youareshootinga sportsgame at night underartificial light?Wouldn’t you want as much lightgoinginto thelensaspossibletokeep your shutter speed high forthefast-pacedaction?Whatdoprofessionalsdotoprotecttheirlensesinthis scenario?

The otherthingthat I notice you talked aboutisthat theusertalked about droppingthe lenseswhichis whatcaused the UVfilterto hurtthelens.Cananyonereally expectto dropalens andhaveit workperfectlyafterwards?Iknowthe UVfilter did hurtthelens, butthere was no guaranteethelens would still workhad there been nofilter onitinthe first place.

Iknownamecallingshouldn’thappen, butI feellikefor themajorityofus, a UVfilterisagood “insurance”policy.If we want to guarantee less optic problems, wecan justbuy a high-end filterlike a B+W,can’t we?Iknow weall wantto be professionals, butthe truthis wearen’t.Ithinkthis is why protectingour equipment that wecan’teasilyreplace is a verygoodideato do.

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