Here’s my stuff. It cost


Here’s my stuff. It cost me enough. And I scaled back and made cuts! 😯

N/A = Already had it. I still have to get the Shuttle Pro and a new mouse. And maybe a sound card down the road. :'(

Chenbro SR10568 – $113

Tiger i7525 (S2672) S2672ANR – $283.58

2 – Intel XEON 3.0GHZ 1M 800FSB EM64T mPGA 604 $541.60

2 – 20 Samsung 204T – $1051.85

Optical Drive:
Samsung 16x Double Layer DVDRW ATAPI/IDE Drive N/A

Media Card Reader
mediaGear 9 in 4 Internal USB 2.0 Drive – $20

Video Card:
Matrox Parhelia APVe – $300.73

Sound Card:
Onboard N/A

Hard Drive:
System Maxtor Diamondback Plus 60GB ATA/133 (Old drive) N/A
Storage – 2 Samsung 250GB SATA II 8 MB Buffer – $219.00

2 – Infineon 1GB Registered PC2 – 3200 DDR2-400 memory with ECC – $244.09

Saitek Eclipse – $43

Contour Designs
ShuttlePRO V.2 – $99

Power Supply:
XFinity 600 Watt ATX 12V ULT31848 9x4x7 – $120

Total to date: $2836.85

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