Here’s how I look at it. T


Here’s how I look at it. The bride and groom have paid me anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars to record the event well. Those guests aren’t paying me anything. So between the two, the people I listen to are the people who pay me X-D

Seriously though, on the back of my contract that all the couples sign, I have a release saying that the couple is responsible for informing the guest that there will be taping at the event, and that by virtue of their attendance, all guests consent to being taped. Or at least it goes something like that. That way, if someone blows a gasket that I taped them and they’re very private about that, I’m not liable for whatever stupid lawsuit they might try to pull. The sad thing about weddings is that in that room of 175 people, there’s probably at least one who would pull a stupid lawsuit if they ever got the chance. And that’s why I paid a lawyer to type up a whole page worth of that obnoxious fine print.

And what Correce said definitely holds true, ESPECIALLY about recording guests while eating. It’s a bad idea. Anymore, we usually ask for a meal ourselves. After all, the DJ & photographer (if they’re there) get a meal, so we aught to as well. Or if we don’t do that, we take that time to go outside and get some establishing shots, or snag some decoration b-roll material.

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