Here’s another way to thin


Here’s another way to think about it. A colleague of mine shoots depositions for a local company. They pay $65 per hour. Recently they asked him to shoot in a town about an hour from here. The deposition was to run 2 hours and there’s about 2 hours of paperwork, packaging and mailing that follows the deposition.

The company doesn’t pay for mileage or for the paperwork so he’s looking at tying up 2 hours of driving, two hours of shooting, and hour of setup and tear down and two hours of paperwork $130, less $8 for gas. This comes out to around $20 an hour. If he stayed home and edited for 6 hours at $75 an hour, his regular rate, he’d be making $450.

As EarlC points out, many potential clients will baulk at paying for travel time, meals, lodging, etc. They’re probably clients it’s a mistake to work for.


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