Here’s a thought on how to


Here's a thought on how to salvage this mess: ask the bride and groom to record their vows again for you and use this as a voice over. You don't need to make an attempt to sync their vows with the video you have — treat it as what it is. Then cut the remainder of the video to appropriate music.


If there are toasts during the reception, see if you can get a couple of them recorded as VO too. We've done this on two or three occasions to help couples salvage wedding videos that they have had friends record for them and it can work surprisingly well.


Another approach would be to have the bride and groom, or perhaps the mothers of the b&g narrate the entire wedding. Use ambient sound from another wedding you've shot — e.g., pre-ceremony sound from the inside of the church, background sound from the reception — to give the audio some depth. Think outside the box; take advantage of your creativite talents. You can make this work and make your clients happy too.

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