Here’s a good video that


Here's a good video that gives a nice breakdown about what you'll be up against doing a multicamera shoot. They give a great suggestion about shooting the rehearsal to get closeups onstage you may not be able to get during the show. Make sure they'll be wearing the same clothes during the performance or be prepared to have those awkward questions when you show the vid! Don't sweat their gear since it's higher end than yours. The principles are the same. Also, check your manual for your canons to see if you have manual exposure and white balance (otherwise known as 'custom whitebalance') If you have custom WB use it! Set the WB on something white with the house lights or with a white spotlight shining onstage. Once you get that set for both cameras, DON'T CHANGE IT. If you leave it on Auto WB, your image colors will be all over the place as the camera tries to change everything to normal colors everytime the stage lights change. If your camera doesn't have custom WB, then set it for 'indoor' (that's the light bulb icon.) It won't be perfect, but it will be better than AWB.

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