Here is why you might want to


Hi theyouproductions – here is why you might want to consider getting 4K now:


– Build a 4K reel now, while everyone else is still working in 1080p


– Crop to 1080p for stabilization or to avoid jump cuts


– Pan and scan at 1080p for a simulated "multi camera" look from a single camera


Here are some examples:



These examples were shot with the $1697.99 Panasonic GH4.  Despite what you may have heard, internal 100mbps 4K recorded with this camera doesn't require "a computer with a lot of processing horsepower for editing" or "far more disc storage than you probably have now."


I've recorded GH4 4K to an ordinary U1 card and edited 4K footage on an old Gateway Windows 7 laptop without any challenges.



File sizes are also very manageable. Archiving GH4 4K footage is no more of a storage problem than the 72mbps 1080/60p from my GH3.


With this camera, because of Panasonic's elegant file compression, you probably won't need to upgrade your computer or storage beyond what you are currently using for 1080p.


Hope this is helpful!




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