Here is where I bog down a


Here is where I bog down a bit in ‘advice’ because I know what you mean. Although I’ve made many a DVD exporting from Prem.Pro CS3 – high quality all the way. Imported to ENCORE, usually leave the bit rate as the preset – and most of those projects have turned out great in quality on par with store bought DVD’s, there are still some DVD’s that look far superior in image than what I can produce.

You are saying that your ENCORE results are crappy though, and I don’t share that experience so all I can suggest is rendering your video in PPro instead of AE, chose DVD-MPEG2, Quality 5 (max), multiplex the audio (tab), DON’T use the export to ENCORE feature. Now check the quality of your video, if it is good, import to ENCORE and burn using the default settings and see what you get.

If it makes crap maybe someone else here has some advice and there are always the adobe forums and, of course a software problems. The only software probs I’ve read about, regarding ENCORE, was with the trial version; Adobe doesn’t include all ‘the stuff’ for HDV. So, if you are using the trial version you are going to have to make a decision.

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