Here is the dilema… My c


Here is the dilema…

My church uses a Mac Pro to run Powerpoint, Pro-Presenter, and Cakewalk all at the same time. This leaves the tech running that mac with a lot of things to juggle at once. Since we are wanting to record sermons straight to disk as well, this would add yet another task to the tech’s plate and due to everything else he has to do, would likely result in a few mistakes along the way since we are all human and can get overwhelmed. Also, when we do a live feed in Pro-presenter, we cannot simultaneously capture into Final Cut, which makes it pretty much pointless to try. We have a 2nd camera, but I’m not sure if we can just run that one into the 2nd firewire port and dedicate each camera to it’s respective program.

So… what would you guys do to avoid issues with doing all of this on one computer? Would you purchase a 2nd computer? Tell the tech to suck it up and get over it (lol)? Just record to tape and transfer it to disk afterward to avoid any issues?

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