Here is my query to Canon:


Here is my query to Canon:

INQUIRY: On the Canon EOS 5D Mk2 camera, does the 12 minute clip
limitation also limit live HDMI out? Or does it only apply to the
recordings to compact flash cards?
In other words, can I record continuously with the EOS 5D via the HDMI
out if I have either an HDMI capture card, or an external flash memory
Also, what is the maximum HDMI cable length I could use between the
camera and the capture card, before there was any appreciable 1080/30p
signal degradation?

Here is Canon’s response.

>>Dear Nazarene Israel:

Thank you for writing to us. We value you as a Canon customer and
appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

The 12 minute limit is imposed by the buffer (filling up), not the
memory card or HDMI out.

You should be able to use an HDMI cable of up to 158 meters before you
have to boost the signal.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance with your EOS

Thank you for choosing Canon.


Technical Support Representative

That sounds like there is a 12 minute limit regardless of the destination. I wrote him back to confirm.

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