here is my one little cont


here is my one little contribution to this debate… assuming you get the “go ahead” to add lights… you now got other issues… cables and lightstands. I prefer to think of lightstands as “idiot magnets”… if there is an idiot in the room, and there is always at least one.. they will be irresistibly drawn towards it and will walk into it… no matter what signage/barriers/police crime scene tape you use to mark it off..

so liability issues arise…

I simply took two white torchiere styled halogen floor lamps, bolted them into heavy clay pots painted white, wired woven wicker baskets to them and I set them up before the rehearsal (roll out matts over the cords) set the light level I need and then tell the couple to place flowers in the baskets… one on each side of the ceremony… then the lighting becomes part of the decor, and when the house lights go down, I still got my minimum light levels needed…

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