Here is my 1/50 of a dolla


Here is my 1/50 of a dollar’s worth. I use Vegas Movie Studio to put AVCHD files on a DVD which can only be played on a Blu ray or PS3 player, not a regular DVD player. I don’t know what the settingsare, I just do my editing and click onburnHD toDVD. I do know thatthe resulting picture on my HD LCD Tv is terrific. This same thing can be done with a Sony DVDirect. This is a freestanding unit (no computer needed) that you hook up directly to your HD camcorder. As Earl stated, there is a limited amouont of HD files that will fit on a DVD (don’t know exactly but somewhere around 35 minutes?).

After I burn these files to a DVD with the DVD burner on my computer, I can’t acces these files using the same DVD burner on my computer. Go figure. I’m not an expert on these matters. I just know what works for me.

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