Here is a link to a Washin


Here is a link to a Washington Post article that is very informative about the tons of spam, phoney codecs and other junk.

Psssst.. I wouldn’t blame you, if you didn’t want to click on it. LOL

Here is a linkto washingtonpost.comof spam and otherrelated issues that is good information as well.

I’m not on a vendetta or anything. There is just no enforcement of any kind on the web and I’m concerned if the US governmentcreates laws theywill be over-the-top and highly restrictive. Thatmeans the open-ness of expression and everything else will be gone. I know I can work with the restrictions, but I’m not sure it is what is best for the internet.

HOWEVER, it is wrong for companies in Belize to hoard domain names and sell them for exorbitant prices, it is wrong to allow all the west African internet scams, identity theft, and other theft to go unchecked.The internet policing is negligible, and now it only pays to use the most reputable websites especially if you are buying something.The payment procedures for HTTPS are becoming tarnished and hacked.

I wouldn’t be against a 128bit encryption for alot of thingswith the way things are now. I constantly tell my wife to use Paypal for purchases, and not to use our credit cards. Heck, I don’t know if thatmakesany difference either.

Why I put this up here? We are all buying expensive items over the internet andmaking known a great deal of personal information as we make purchases. I don’t want to be ripped off, not just because I can’t afford it. The impact of giving out information on yourself can be far reaching intoRussia, China,Africa,etc.You constantly hear of millions of records being stolen from some big company like TJMaxx, etc. What is the impact of those thefts? We never seem to hear anymore about it, except it was done.

Research identity theft insurance… just bunko insurance. They don’t guarantee any loses, except those expenses you are out to correct the mess created by the theft. That’s like buying Cancer insurance that pays your families hotel bills, while you are in the hospital running up thousands of dollars a day in medical charges. It’s nothing.

If you read this post and have some ideas, or even want to refute what I’ve mentioned.. please do so. I’ve never had a corner on all the good ideas and never will. Iappreciate the siteslike and others that keep us from walking into the quicksand. I don’thave to experience atough loss to believe it can happen, if Ican learn from other’s experiences, i.e.,

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