Here is a further question


Here is a further question related to this topic from an ignorant newbie.

During a recent trip to the U.S. one of my co-travellers shot a bunch of video with his camera (a Panasonic, I think) set to the 16:9 “wide screen” mode. He has given me the job of editing the 6 hours of video down to a watchable size.

The videos copied direct from the camera to my computer appear squashed as described above when viewed using Windows Media Player.

How does one go about stretching the videos back out so that they appear normal again?

I have tried a whole bunch of utilities to do this, with only some slight success. The one closest to working properly is a utility called Super C howover, one of the clips is always converted with some form of corruption so that it is uneditable by Movie Maker. Also, many of these utilities have a whole bunch of options for the video format, most of which are gobbledegook to us newbies.

I have spent many, many frustrating hours attempting to resolve this problem.

Does anyone have any useful ideas?

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