Here is a DVD Disc templat

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

Here is a DVD Disc template and DVD Case Inlay from DeviantArt, both for Photoshop. This are the exact measurements of the DVD case and disc.

“I can make my videos look good, but when it comes to print/graphic design I am horrible in that area.”

I know what you mean, I’m also terrible in graphic designs, but luckily I have my brother which is very good. Joking I say to him that “I work with thousands of frames, you work with just one”. I know how to use Photoshop, but I cannot come up with any good ideas for a graphic design. Most of the time I just see a blank canvas, contrary to video which I see endless possibilities. Since I know about our struggle as videographers, I’m going to give Videomaker forum participants a Photoshop DVD case Inlay template that my brother design for me. I use this template for marketing purposes, in which I carry a DVD case to activities I’m hired and show attendees a “preview” of the DVD, along with our contact information of course.

Here is a preview of the PSD template. You can change it any way you like to fit your needs

To download the PSD file (is a compress file. The PSD is 47 Mb) please click the following link:

Sargehero Photoshop DVD Case Inlay Template

Hope this helps

Luis O. Maym

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